Conference Room Usage Policy

Download the [pdf] - Last Updated January 14, 2003

  • Fung Auditorium (PFBH 191)

  • Zweifach Library (PFBH 489)

  • Large Conference Rooms (PFBH 291, 391)

  • Small Conference Room (PFBH 226)

  1. The Large and Small Conference Rooms should be used only for meetings unless specifically approved for other appropriate functions. The Fung Auditorium and Zweifach Library can be reserved for lectures and special events. Those interested in using the Fung Auditorium or Zweifach Library should contact the Department of Bioengineering. Most meetings, e.g., lab group meetings, should use a Large or Small Conference Room. None of the meeting rooms are to be used for classes.
  2. Food and drink are allowed in Small and Large Conference Rooms and Zweifach Library, but good practice and scrupulous care are required. At the conclusion of a meeting, tables should be wiped clean, and excess trash should be removed. Food and Drink are not normally allowed in the Fung Auditorium. For special events in the Fung Auditorium, a request can be made to the Department for an exception to allow Food and Drink. Such a request should contain plans for cleanup. The Department may approve or deny such requests.
  3. Audio-Visual equipment of the Department of Bioengineering is available in some conference rooms. A small fee may be charged for use of such equipment.
  4. Conference rooms are normally locked, to prevent unauthorized use. The person for whom a conference room is reserved may check out a key to gain access to the room and will be responsible for the key until it has been returned. A key to the reserved conference room can be obtained from the Department of Bioengineering Administrative Office (PFBH Room 125). The key should be returned immediately after the meeting, during regular office hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). If the office is closed, the key should be returned by noon on the following workday.  If the key is not returned on time, the room may be rekeyed at the expense of the person and/or group who reserved it.
  5. After use, a conference room should be left in the original seating arrangement (tables latched together and chairs around the table), all lights should be turned off, and the doors should be locked.
  6. Reservations of activities in the Department of Bioengineering, Institute of Engineering in Medicine, JSOE Dean's Office and von Liebig Center will take priority over reservations from other sources.  In extreme emergencies for special high-priority events, reservations may be bumped or moved to another location, and the contact person will be notified.  Everyone, within or outside of these organizations, should be aware of this policy.
  7. All conference room users will need to accept these policies as conditions for reserving and using the rooms and are expected to be held accountable for any necessary cleaning and/or repair to the conference rooms or equipment in the conference rooms incurred during use.  Conference room users should report immediately to the Department of Bioengineering (PFBH room 125, tel. 534-4272) any damage, missing equipment, or unkempt state found upon entering the room.
  8. Exceptions to these policies made by granted by the Department of Bioengineering MSO or Chair. The only exception is that the small conference room can be used for TA office hours.

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