Industrial Advisory Board

Access to IEM faculty and researchers

The Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM) has more than 100 members from disciplines that include engineering, medicine, biology, and chemistry. Member research interests include biotechnology, medical devices, cell biology and biophysics, computation and modeling, diseases, molecular biology, and tissue, organ, and system responses in health and disease. Members and faculty foster collaborations and grant or contract projects for basic and applied research.

Access to the Industrial Internship Program

The WCBE in cooperation with the Department of Bioengineering co‐sponsors the Graduate and Undergraduate Careers & Internship Program. The company sponsoring the internship will own any intellectual property that is created in these projects.

Company Visits

The WCBE coordinates on‐campus and company site‐visits, where companies host students and can learn about faculty research and discuss opportunities for collaboration. Through these research collaborations, Bioengineering and IEM faculty’s research and technological developments can form the basis of new products, processes and services. The projects can be conducted on campus or at the company.

Company Sponsored Events and Outreach

The IAB, working with the WCBE, sponsors many student programs, such as the Annual Bioengineering Graduate Student Research Symposia, Annual Breakfast with Industry, Annual Systemwide Bioengineering Symposia, and the weekly Bioengineering Seminar Series. The IAB is now sponsoring a new seminar series that focuses on science and engineering advances created in the laboratories of industry.