Facilities and Safety Resources

  • Bioengineering Facilities Help (be-facilities@eng.ucsd.edu)

    Submit a common spaces (hallways, lobbys, restrooms, classrooms) facilities problem to department facilities staff.    

  • Safety and Emergency Plan

    Links to emergency resources for the building and campus. Lab safety information, waste disposal, etc.    

  • Utilities

    Telephones, keys, campus requests for facilities,  plumbing, and electrical.    

  • Common Facilities

    General building policies. Conference room reservations and usage. Info on core facilities.  

  • New Employee Safety Resources

    Links or internal documents for informing new employees about training requirements and other necessary safety information.nbsp;  

  • Vivarium

    Link to the Animal Care Program (ACP) webpage for information regarding the PFBH vivarium.  

  • Instructional Core Donated Equipment

    Information about the Instructional Core and equipment recently donated to the department laboratory teaching facility.  

  • Development Engineering Services

    Information on the department's recharge based equipment development and integration services.