Current Graduate Students

Academic Advising

For academic advising, please see our Academic Advising page to find the contact information for the graduate academic advisors. 

Career Advising

Information on career advising resources and professional and career development opportunities can be found on our Career Advising page.

Financial Support

Information on Ph.D. financial support and masters students obtaining funding for their graduate education can be found on our Financial Support page.

Programs and Curriculum

Find all the information on courses and requirements for each graduate program on our Degree Programs page. 

Teaching Resources

For information about Graduate Instructional Assistant (GIAs) or Teaching Assistant (TA) positions in the department, including responsibilities, please see our Teaching Resources page. 

Bioengineering Graduate Society (BEGS)

Engage with other students in the department through social and professional events organized by BEGS. More information can be found on their website at

Complete Graduate Handbook

This is a complete listing of all of the information in the printed handbook that has been posted online