Bioengineering Summer High School Internship and Overview Programs

Summer 2021 and Academic Year 2021-2022

UC San Diego Bioengineering is pleased to offer a variety of programs for High School Students. During Summer 2021, the course offerings are based on fun, experiential, at-home, hands-on lab activities. Summer sessions are for 1, 2, or 4 weeks via regular Zoom sessions. A summary of programs is below. For more details, please see Bioengineering Research Scholars.

To apply, see the application summary and on-line application form. For information and questions, please email

BE-BOAT: BioEngineering - Broad Overview And Techniques.

BE-BOAT courses provide a broad overview of Bioengineering and introduce core techniques in a particular sub-discipline of Bioengineering.

June 14-25, 2021*           Mammalian Cell & Tissue Culture (MCTC)

June 21-25, 2021*           BioImaging & 3D-Printing (BI3DP)

June 28-July 2, 2021*     BioMechanics & MechanoBiology (BMMB)

* full time: M-F 9a-12p & 1p-4p

BE-ROW: BioEngineering Research Orientation Workshop.

BE-ROW provides an introduction to research through a guided team project. A BE-BOAT course is a prerequisite for BE-ROW.

July 12-Aug 6, 2021#     BioEngineering Introduction to Research 

# half time: M,W,F 12n-1p; Tu,Th 9a-12n; ~6hr/wk homework

BE-SHIP: BioEngineering - Scholar High School Internship Program.

BE-SHIP is a research internship program, where students collaborate with a Bioengineering research lab to propose (BERP-A) in an initial quarter, and conduct (BERP-B) in the subsequent quarter, a BioEngineering Design or Science project. The Fall BERP-A + Winter BERP-B sequence can be the basis of an entry to a High School Science and Engineering Fair. A BE-ROW course is generally a pre-requisite for BE-SHIP.

Sep 27 – Nov 15, 2021  BioEngineering Research Project A – Proposal (BERP-A)

Jan 10 – Mar 7, 2022     BioEngineering Research Project B – Research (BERP-B)