Transfer Bioengineering

The following courses (or their equivalents) are recommended preparation for all engineering transfer students.

  1. Calculus I—for Science and Engineering (MATH 20A)
  2. Calculus II—for Science and Engineering (MATH 20B)
  3. Calculus and Analytic Geometry (MATH 20C)
  4. Differential Equations (MATH 20D)
  5. Linear Algebra (MATH 20F)
  6. Complete calculus-based physics series with lab experience (PHYSICS 2A-B-C)
  7. Chemistry 6A (included in a total of ten quarter-units of general chemistry with lab experience)
  8. Highest level of introductory computer programming language course offered at the community college**

**Refer to the UCSD General Catalog to select major prerequisite requirements for computer language courses.


Bioengineering Fall 2015 New Flowchart.pdf

Please review the “flowchart” of required courses to determine your progress in completion of those courses for your Bioengineering (BENG) major.  Just cross off the UCSD equivalent courses you’ve already completed at community college or another 4-year institution, and the “flowchart” will provide you with an accurate “snapshot” of your progress-to-date.

MAE 9, C++ Programming or MAE 8, MatLab. If you have already completed an equivalent course to MAE 9, C++ Programming,  you DON’T  have to take MAE 8, MatLab.

“HSS” BOXES ON “FLOWCHART”: The boxes along the bottom of the “flowchart” marked “HSS” refer to your college general education (GE) course requirements. Boxes are included to allow for completion of 10 GE courses (40 units); however, dependent upon which of the six colleges you are in, you may have to complete more than 10 courses. (Please contact your college advisor to obtain more detailed information.)

IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE “FLOWCHART”: Hopefully you’ll have completed many of the required lower-division courses at your community college or other 4-year institution. 

“FLOWCHART”~ SOPHOMORE YEAR, WINTER QTR: Note that BENG 1, Intro to BENG Seminar (1 unit), BENG 109, Statics & Dynamics and MAE 140, Linear Circuits are 3 courses which you may not have completed at community college or another 4-year institution. Please take BENG 1 & BENG 109 in your first winter quarter at UCSD and MAE 140 in a subsequent summer, fall or winter quarter.

“FLOWCHART”~ SOPHOMORE YEAR, SPRING QTR: Note that  BENG 100, Intro to BENG Design and MAE 3, Intro to Engineering Graphics & Design are 2 courses which you may not have completed at community college or another 4-year institution. Please take BENG 100 and MAE 3 in your first spring quarter at UCSD.

YOUR FIRST FALL QUARTER COURSE SCHEDULE:  IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE LOWER-DIVISION REQUIRED COURSES, please enroll in MAE 170, BENG 101* and BENG 110* in your first fall quarter at UCSD. (*Please contact Bioengineering Student Affairs re: BENG 101 and 110 enrollment.)

IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE REQUIRED LOWER-DIVISION  COURSES, PLEASE CONTACT A BENG ADVISOR RE: ADVICE ON YOUR FALL COURSES. Bioengineering Student Affairs is located on the Warren campus in Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, room 141 (on the 1st floor right next to the elevators!).   Our building is just a little west of the 2-story “Bear” sculpture made out of granite boulders!


Elizabeth Soos at ~ (858) 822-1010

Kelly Thorpe at ~ (858) 534-7538.