Where Do Therapeutic Antibodies Go? - A First-In-Human Journey

Guolan Lu, PhD

Faculty Candidate

Instructor in Dr. Garry Nolan’s lab at Stanford University 


Seminar Information

Seminar Date
January 12, 2024 - 2:00 PM

The FUNG Auditorium - PFBH



Dr. Lu will introduce a fluorescence molecular imaging method to track therapeutic antibody delivery from cancer patients in vivo, down to single cells, through first-in-human clinical trials. She will present a new experimental and AI-powered analytical framework that integrates single-cell drug imaging with spatial omics to decipher drug-target-microenvironment in situ. This work establishes a foundational framework for studying drug pharmacology in the context of tissue biology in serious diseases including cancer, autoimmunity, and chronic inflammation.


Speaker Bio

Dr. Lu is an instructor in Dr. Garry Nolan’s lab at Stanford University and a recipient of an NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Lu is a biomedical engineer who conducts translational research at the interface of biomedical imaging, artificial intelligence, and spatial omics to advance next-generation cancer theragnostics. Dr. Lu received her Ph.D. from the joint Biomedical Engineering Department of Georgia Tech and Emory University.