Teaching Evaluations

There are three methods used to evaluate GSI performance in Bioengineering: evaluation by the instructor of the course who also signs the grade report for BE 501; evaluation by the students through CAPE or departmental evaluation forms; evaluation by a representative of the Center for Teaching Development.

The evaluations done by CTD are meant purely for the GSI’s own information, and the results are not given to the department. These evaluations are the most helpful because they are made available to the GSI during the quarter, and their purpose is to identify ways in which the GSI can become more effective. The CTD evaluations are automatically done only for first time GSIs. If other GSIs wish to have an evaluation, arrangements can be made with the CTD. For more information on these evaluations see the CTD Handbook.

GSIs are also evaluated through student evaluations. These evaluations can be of help to the GSIs to recognize areas in which they are very capable and others in which improvement may be necessary. However, many students' evaluations will focus primarily on the instructor or the course, and student evaluations are sometimes not available to the GSI. Student evaluations conducted by CAPE are published though some instructors do not permit CAPE to publish the names of GSIs.

Finally, each GSI is evaluated at the end of the quarter by the course instructor. The completed instructor evaluation will be available to the GSI, and may be used by Student Affairs for making future assignments. Based on the outcome of these evaluations, all outstanding GSIs will receive an Outstanding Teaching Certificate to be presented annually at the end of Spring quarter. In addition, one GSI a year will earn the Departmental Teaching Award that may include a monetary award.