Annanya Sethiya

Photo of Annanya Sethiya, MS Plan II, 2024

Describe your background
I hold a bioengineering bachelor's degree from MIT India, coupled with practical experience in biotech and biomedical device sectors, providing me with a strong foundation in engineering and life sciences.

Describe your area of research and/or your area of specialty
My specialization lies in Diabetes Type 1 research, particularly focusing on understanding β-cell subpopulations' control over pancreatic islet function. I employ signal analysis techniques and utilize tools like Imaris and GraphPad Prism for data analysis in my research.

Describe your involvement within the department and UC San Diego (were/are you involved in student orgs, recreation, certificate programs, internships, etc. outside of curricular requirements?)
I served as a Teaching Assistant for BENG 110, COGS 107A, and BENG 1. I also implemented Kanban methodology for 3D printing, CT scan analysis, and oximeter usage, led Neurons In Action software labs, provided guidance on biomechanics projects, and contributed to diabetes research at Dr. Vira Kravets' Lab as a Graduate Student Researcher.

Have you received any outstanding mentorship or guidance during your time in the program that made an impact on your research and/or the trajectory of your career?
I have been fortunate to receive exceptional mentorship from Dr. Vira Kravets, whose guidance has significantly influenced my research and career trajectory.

What has been your favorite part about your graduate experience in the program?
My favorite aspect of the graduate experience has been the diverse range of courses offered, particularly those in cell and molecular biology. Additionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Teaching Assistant and have valued networking opportunities with supportive staff and professors.

Any thoughts or advice you'd like to share with prospective graduate students?
Advocate for more course options to accommodate diverse interests and backgrounds. Additionally, it's crucial to prioritize course prerequisites and ensure universities maintain updated course catalogs to prevent confusion among students.