Anshu Andani

Photo of Anshu Andani, M.Eng. M.D.E 2023

Describe your background
International Student with a bachelors in Medical Device Engineer. First generation master's student.

Describe your area of research and/or your area of specialty
Medical Device Product Development

Describe your involvement within the department and UC San Diego (were/are you involved in student orgs, recreation, certificate programs, internships, etc. outside of curricular requirements?)
Bioengineering Career Fair, Boxing Rec. UCSD Health Part Time (CAPS)

What has been your favorite part about your graduate experience in the program?
Diversity in classes offered.

Any thoughts or advice you'd like to share with prospective graduate students?
Don't be afraid to take electives that you are not familiar with.

If you are an Alumni from our program, what is your current role, or what are your career prospects and plans for the future?
Work in the medical Device Engineering Industry.