CERC Overview

Cell Engineering Research Center - CERC

Satellite Core to the Molecular and Cellular Medicine Stem Cell Research Laboratory and an IEM Core Facility

The UC San Diego Department of Bioengineering, in cooperation with the Institute of Engineering in Medicine, oversees the operation of the Cell Engineering Research Center (CERC) for all UCSD faculty and authorized investigators in the region. The laboratory is located on the fifth floor of Jacobs Hall. The CERC is a satellite facility to the School of Medicine’s Human Embryonic Stem Cell Facility in the CMM East building. This facility was created by a Core Facility Grant Award entitled Enhancing Facilities for Genetic Manipulation and Engineering of Human Embryonic Stem Cells at UCSD awarded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine with matching funds from the Jacobs School of Engineering. The CERC will provide resources on a recharge basis for collaborative research in the science and engineering of mammalian stem cells. The CERC provides resources on a recharge basis for research in the science and engineering of mammalian cells. Four specialized laboratories have been designed:

  • Tissue Engineering Research
  • Bioreactor Design and Fabrication

The CERC is equipped with a number of general facilities, including:

  • 2 fume hoods
  • 3 biological safety cabinets
  • 1 inverted microscope
  • 3 incubators
  • 1 autoclave
  • 1 -80°C freezer
  • 1 -20°C freezers