Bioengineering Summer High School Internship and Overview Programs

UCSD Bioengineering offers several summer programs for High School Students. During Summer 2020, these will include a 6-week (BE-SHIP) and three 1-week (BE-BOAT) programs. For more information and to apply, please see Bioengineering Research Scholars. For information and questions, please email

BE-SHIP: BioEngineering - Summer High School Internship Program (July 5 - Aug 14, 2020). This is an advanced six week research internship program, with the option to experience campus life during the first three weeks.

BE-BOAT: BioEngineering - Broad Overview And Techniques. These are one week programs, introducing core techniques in sub-disciplines of Bioengineering. Students may apply to take any or all programs.

BE-BOAT-I: BioMedical Engineering Foundations (June 15-19, 2020)

BE-BOAT-II: Mammalian Cell and Tissue Culture (June 22-26, 2020)

BE-BOAT-III: BioMechanics and MechanoBiology (August 3-7, 2020).