BENG 99 & 199

Under the guidance of a bioengineering faculty member, lower and upper division level bioengineering students have opportunities to participate in independent study and research.

Lower division bioengineering students undertaking research projects with faculty may enroll in BENG 99 which is similar to BENG 199, except that less background in the curriculum is needed. Upper division bioengineering students may take BENG 199, Independent Study for Undergraduates. These courses are taken as electives on a P/NP basis and can be repeated (up to three times).

Under certain conditions, BENG 199 courses may be used to satisfy upper division "Technical Elective" course requirements for the major. Faculty encourage all students interested in research to enroll for a minimum of two quarters of BENG 199 to promote more “in-depth” study of the research topic. Bioengineering and Bioengineering: Biotechnology  majors who wish to use BENG 199 courses to satisfy the two "Technical Elective" course requirements, must enroll in two sequential quarters of BENG 199 (with the same faculty member) which satisfies both TE course requirements. Bioengineering: Bioinformatics majors may enroll in BENG 199 courses to satisfy the three required TE courses in that major. Bioengineering: Premedical majors may enroll in BENG 199 courses to satisfy up to a maximum of two of the three required TE courses in that major. After obtaining the faculty advisor’s concurrence on the topic and scope of the study, the student must submit a "Special Studies" course form (each quarter) and a "BENG 199 as Technical Elective Contract" to the Student Affairs Office. These forms must be completed, approved, and processed one month prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the course is to be taken.

To complete BENG 199 research credit during summer, please contact the Student Affairs Office for additional information.