Teaching Responsibilities

Prior to the beginning of the quarter in which you are a GSI, you must meet with the course instructor to agree on your role in the course. To facilitate this, the department has a course planning form that you and the instructor will fill out. On this form the instructor will indicate the tasks you are expected to perform as well as the time that you will probably devote to the course. This form will be signed by you, the instructor, and turned in to the Student Affairs Office by the end of the first week of the quarter.

At the end of the quarter you will review the form with the instructor, to indicate the actual tasks and time spent, and again it will be signed and turned in to Student Affairs. Credit for satisfying the teaching requirement cannot be granted until the form is received by Student Affairs.

The course instructor will have specific information on what is expected of a GSI for that particular class. Some examples of duties you may be asked to perform and some guidelines are given in the Teaching and Grading Section.