Teaching Resources Responsiblities

Running tutorial sections: In addition to being fully prepared for scheduled meetings, GSIs should arrive punctually and be available to the students during the entire period, which is normally 50 minutes. A GSI may not cancel a section. There are occasions when it is unavoidable for a GSI to miss a section meeting due to a conflict with a planned event, such as a conference or trip. It is always the responsibility of the GSI to notify the instructor in this event and to arrange for another GSI to cover the class.

Lecture attendance: GSIs are expected to attend all lectures unless the instructor gives specific permission for an absence, or explicitly states that lecture attendance is not required.

Office Hours: GSIs are required to hold office hours every week to assist students in understanding the subject matter of the course. Office hours have to be held in an area that assures that course related concerns of a student, such as grades, can be privately discussed.

GSI meetings: GSI meetings serve several important functions: they provide time for the GSI to give the instructor comments concerning the course; in meeting with the instructor, the GSI learns more about the course philosophy and structure; the GSI can clarify questions on the course material. Attendance at GSI meetings scheduled by the instructor is mandatory. Since part of the purpose of these meetings is to educate the GSI, it is important that GSIs use this opportunity to ask questions about the course material or any matters of instruction.

Review sessions: Prior to midterm and final examination times, GSIs are often asked by the instructor to hold review sessions in addition to regular sections and office hours. Room reservations for these sessions must be scheduled by the GSI.

Experimental labs: Effective teaching of a lab class mandates that GSIs are able to perform all assigned lab experiments and understand them completely. They must also be fully versed and trained in all relevant laboratory safety procedures and regulations. To assure this, instructors may require the GSIs to practice the experiment in a pre-lab session before the beginning of the class. The GSI normally participates in lab set up, and grading lab reports. Effective laboratory instruction is among the most challenging but also rewarding of teaching experiences.

Computer lab sections: Effective teaching of computer lab requires that the GSI understand the programming assignment completely. To assure this, instructors may require the GSIs to write sample programs before the beginning of the lab. The GSI may also participate in grading computer programs. At present the bioengineering department does not hold any programming labs.