Homework: In some classes the GSIs must participate in the preparation of solutions to homework assignments and may be requested to post these solutions or take them to Soft Reserves.

Exams: Two of the most important duties of a GSI are proctoring and scoring examinations. A GSI must be available for both the administration and scoring of exams (including the final). Discuss any time conflicts with the instructor. A GSI must do the utmost to discourage cheating by vigilant proctoring, and by reporting any suspected incidents to the instructor. University policies and procedures on academic integrity are summarized in an instructor’s guide published by Student Policies and Judicial Affairs, Student Center Building B (534-6225).

Keeping Records: The GSI is responsible for maintaining the records for all students in the class. The GSI is responsible for keeping those records in a secure place, and if kept on a computer, for keeping a current backup. Keeping all student records secure and confidential is a major responsibility of the GSI that should be treated with the utmost care. All completed assignments, exams, grades, correspondence, and other information about individual students in the class shall be kept confidential except when the student has given written consent. Papers and examinations have to be returned to the students in a way that protects the privacy of the student. Grade records are kept for one year.

Assignment of grades: While the faculty member in charge of the course is responsible for assigning students’ grades, GSIs play an important role in the evaluation of students’ work. If a student complains about a final grade, the GSI should refer the student to the instructor because the instructor has final responsibility for the conduct of the course. Only the instructor has the authority to change a grade. The instructor should announce the policy regarding late homeworks, etc. at the beginning of the quarter. If the GSI is unclear on any of these policies, they are to be discussed with the instructor.

Academic dishonesty: A GSI who suspects cheating on assignments or exams must report suspected incidents to the instructor.

Difficulties: Problems that cannot be resolved informally with the instructor should be brought to the attention of the Department Chair or the Chair of the Graduate Affairs Committee.