Ph.D. Curriculum

Each incoming Ph.D. student will be assigned a bioengineering faculty advisor who will serve as an interim graduate advisor until the student chooses a research advisor.  This information can be found in the student's offer letter.

First Year Requirements

All bioengineering students in their first year of study are expected to enroll in the six required core courses in the Engineering Physics and Life Science tracks listed below. First-year students are also required to take both on-credit seminars (BENG 281 (all three quarters) and BENG 282 (Fall quarter); one quarter (W or SP) of Teaching Experience (BENG 51) and an ethics course.

Required Courses for Ph.D. Degree Program (must be taken for letter grade)

Core Courses (total of six required)
Required Core Graduate Courses - Engineering Physics  (2 + 1 four unit course)

  • BENG 226, Foundations of Biomechanics
  • BENG 227, Transport Phenomena in Living Systems

Plus one of the following courses:

  • BENG 221, Mathematical Methods for Bioengineering
  • BENG 223, Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Interfacial Phenomena in Living Systems
  • BENG 241A Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Foundations
  • BENG 280A Principles of Biomedical Imaging
  • BENG 211 Systems Biology and Bioengineering I. Biological Components 
  • BENG 202/CSE 282 Bioinformatics II: Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms

Required Core Graduate Courses - Biological Sciences (2 + 1 four unit course)

  • BENG 230A, Foundations of Biological Systems I (Biochemistry for Engineering)
  • BENG 230B, Foundations of Biological Systems II (Cell and Molecular Biology)

Plus one of the following courses:

  • BENG 230C, Cardiovascular Physiology
  • BENG 230D, Respiratory and Renal Physiology
  • BENG 232, Musculoskeletal Health, Injury, and Disease
  • BENG 234 Introduction to Neurophysiology: Molecules to Systems
  • BENG 260/BGGN 260, Neurodynamics

Elective Courses (four required)
PhD students are required to complete a total of four approved elective courses by the end of their third year of study. All graduate courses offered in the Bioengineering Department (other than the six required courses) may be used to fulfill the elective course requirement. Students may also take graduate level engineering/science courses offered in other departments (e.g., MAE, ECE, SOM) for elective credit with prior faculty advisor approval (see Graduate Coordinator for approval form). Courses taken in fulfillment of the elective course requirement must be taken for letter grade.

Up to two upper division undergraduate courses (4 units, taken for a letter grade), can be counted toward the elective requirement (with elective approval form signed by your adviser)_.

Seminars (First year only)

BENG 281 (Fall, Winter, Spring)

BENG 282 (Fall)

Ethics Course (1)

One of the following:

SOMI 226, Scientific Ethics

PHAR/BIOM 219, Ethics in Scientific Research

COGS.NEUR/PATH 241, Ethics & Survival Skills in Academia

TA Requirement (3)

One TAship must be done during first year. The two remaining TAships must be done before the end of your third year or Senate Exam. Graduate Affairs will authorize you to enroll in BENG 501 under the instructor. You will enroll in two units for a 25% TAship (ten hours a week) or four units for a 50% TAship (twenty hours a week).

Rotations (optional, but highly recommended)

BENG 298L (Please contact Graduate Affairs so we can set up a section under the faculty you will rotate with, if one does not already exist). Four units. One to two page research summary is due at the end of the quarter.