Obtaining a Research Position in Bioengineering as an Undergraduate

Many UCSD Bioengineering undergraduates are interested in taking part in research at UCSD. Undergraduates are encouraged to seek out a research position.

The following steps are provided to help undergraduates become involved in research:

    • Find out about the research being conducted in various labs. Good sources of information about ongoing research are  introductory courses (e.g., BENG 1 and BENG 87), laboratory web sites accessible from the Department of Bioengineering website (e.g., www.be.ucsd.edu/graduate_research), and papers from the laboratories (accessible from Pubmed and other electronic literature databases).

    • Identify research of interest and read a few papers about the subject!!

    • Apply to the lab. After identifying a lab of interest, the next step is to apply to the lab. Those interested in research positions should send their resume and a brief cover letter in an electronic mail message to the faculty member in whose lab they are interested.

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