Senior Design Projects

Thank you for considering partnering with the UCSD Department of Bioengineering and our undergraduate students to be a Sponsor of a Senior Design Team. Please contact seniordesign@be.ucsd.edu for details on establishing a partnership.

  • To submit a project, please visit: http://www.be.ucsd.edu/senior-design

  • A Senior Design Project is now required for most of our undergraduates.

  • Projects involving a corporate Sponsor or Client and a UCSD Bioengineering Faculty Member

  • Expectations for Sponsor or Client

    • Develop the project with the Course Coordinators.

    • Discuss with prospective students.

    • Meet with the design team, 1 hour per week (Fall & Winter quarters)

    • Attend the final presentation event in the spring

    • Support costs (supplies, materials), typically ~$1,000-$5,000.

  • Design and fabrication done with Sponsor or UCSD faculty supervision

  • Examples of previous projects include:

    • Instrumentation for animal heart rate & blood pressure

    • Microfluidic platform for single cell fluorescence measurements

    • Neural plasticity following tendon transfer surgery

    • Bioreactor bioengineering for cartilage and joints.

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